Thomas Hammerman, LMFT

Thomas Hammerman, LMFT

Family Business Consulting

When a family owns a business together, it’s common for the goals of the business and the demands of the family to be at odds with each other. I offer a practical and comfortable environment where individuals—or the whole family—can meet to work through challenges. By working together, we can ensure that both the business and the family thrive.

As a team, we will identify the struggles facing you and the family business. I help families work together to address many issues, including:

  • Wealth: Money complicates everything. Even a successful business can cause strife within the family.
  • Growth: Many family businesses start small, but as they grow, more challenges arise. The addition of non-family members brings new issues.
  • Succession: Founding parents sometimes can’t decide who will take over when they retire. Many family-owned businesses fail because of unaddressed succession issues.

My goal is to help your family business succeed without sacrificing relationships.

I enjoy writing about my experience in ways that help other therapists; recently, I co-authored an article about family business consulting and the challenges families face for Family Process magazine.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

With a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University and certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, I help people build healthy and rewarding relationships.

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